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“The more people we get to see the bayou, the more likely it will be preserved!”


  We are here to serve the Galveston Bay area and help promote a reconnection with nature.  Folks visiting the greater Houston area are encouraged to take a journey with us.  We hope that people who live in the area, as well as our visitors, come and see this preserved wonder of nature.
  Many overlook the fact that you don’t have to travel that far from downtown Houston to see the magnificent wonders of this American treasure.  We are lucky enough to still have this precious ecosystem in our own backyard.pinky pelican  Along Armand Bayou you will see a lot of diversity and beautiful nature.  You’ll see everything from plants, reptiles, to mammals that cross the channels.  You will also notice a large variety of birds that surround the bayous and nearby parks.  In our nature section you will see a representation of what you might see on a typical day up and down Armand Bayou in the form of a photo slideshow.  Thanks to all the folks who have contributed their photos to this great collection of Armand Bayou.  Check out our nature photo section here, and you can actually learn about some of the nature on the bayou here!

 Water birds

  When you think of kayaking Houston we want you to remember the bayous and nature.  Houston has a variety of things that make it unique and we’d like to think our bayous are a pretty great addition to our cities.  We have a shuttle service that will drop you deep in the bayou at 5 different locations, and allow you to paddle back to civilization.  It is definitely an adventure that you wouldn’t expect while your in such a large city.
  At Pinky’s Kayak Rentals we know that what you experience is important to you.  That makes it important to us. Please check our menu for what your interested in.  We have added all the information about our company on the website, so please check the menus for your personal choice of adventure. We are well known for including a free shuttle to one of five destinations.  For more information on our rates and prices click here
  To see more information on where our drop off locations are please click here.
   There is so much to see and do in the Houston and Galveston Bay area, but this is definitely one adventure you don’t want to miss.

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Our self guided tours are closed except for Bay Area Park. Water hyacinth is still blocking major portions along our other routes. We are also renting from the dock into Taylor Lake. ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday August 23rd, 2014

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Saturday August 23rd, 2014

The only self guided tour open is Bay Are Park due to water hyacinth choking up the bayou. We are still renting hourly from our dock on Taylor Lake. ... See MoreSee Less

Friday August 22nd, 2014

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Friday August 22nd, 2014

The Queen Butterfly (Danaus gilippus) is native to North and South America. Adult butterflies will feed on nectar from flowers. The Queen butterfly tastes bitterly gross to predators such as birds. This bitter taste in Queen butterflies varies on what milkweed plant the queens caterpillar feeds on. The male has a black androconial pheromone scent patch on its dorsal hindwings. Females will lay one egg at a time on host plants that she chooses wisely such as native milkweed that the Larvae will use as a food source.

The Queen butterfly looks a lot like the monarch butterfly underneath but has two rows of dots lining the bottom wing instead of just the one row. The caterpillar is very similar to the monarch caterpillar but has extra pair of black antenna like appendages just below it's head.
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Thursday August 21st, 2014